Free Ebook Tips the Scales at 800 Pages: Ethica's Islamic Finance Handbook Delivers

Why Did Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance in Dubai give away ninety percent of its content?

Dubai, UAE, April 28, 2016

When you think of an ebook, you think of a twenty page download on how to stop snoring. Skimpy, throwaway, wide-margined pamphlets are the staple of many online marketing efforts.

But one Dubai institute decided to give over ninety percent of its content, some 800 pages, free of charge. Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance had good reason to: they are in the business of transforming an industry. Unhappy with the direction the industry was taking in 2002 when they launched, where products were getting racier and standards were anybody’s guess, Ethica sat down with the Islamic finance industry’s top scholars to ask the hard questions.

What came out after several years in stealth mode is the CIFE, the Certified Islamic Finance Executive program, now with over 10,000 paying learners in 65 countries and 160 financial institutions. The 4-month 100% online CIFE program distilled the leading industry standard, AAOIFI, into an accelerated program, now used by banks training hundreds of bankers. In the process, Ethica now leads the Islamic finance training and certification market with numerous industry awards.

The ‘Handbook of Islamic Finance,’ Ethica’s 800 page ebook, came out of this program as a handy way for bankers and students to access everything in one place: contracts, articles, recommended readings, hundreds of answers to questions, and Dr. Usmani’s entire 'Guide to Islamic Banking.’

Ethica’s spokesperson said, “We wanted to spread the word. The need for endless growth drives many of the problems that beset the world today — energy wars, poverty, environmental degradation. Interest-based finance is at the very root of this endless growth mentality. The growing popularity of Islamic finance offers a third way, beyond capitalism and socialism. Ethica’s ebook is designed to take a newcomer to Islamic finance through the basics of how a market works on principles of equity, trade, and leasing, without debt.”


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