Ethica Partners with Halal Universe in Singapore

Singapore-based Halal Universe partners with Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance to offer Islamic finance training and certification to professionals in Singapore.

Dubai, UAE, May 10, 2016

Ethica’s Islamic finance programs are accredited by leading Islamic finance scholars and have attained recognition globally. The programs also fully meet the standards set by the Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Finance Institutions, or AAOIFI, in Bahrain.

"We’ve been looking to partner with a provider of accredited courses in Islamic finance. We are thrilled to find that partner in Ethica, whose comprehensive programs were developed by practitioners and specialists and have attained global recognition," Hamisah Samad, founder of Halal Universe said. "The programs are also delivered online which gives flexibility to busy professionals who want to take the courses."

Ethica’s spokesman said, "Singapore and the ASEAN region are an important part of a future in Islamic finance. Ethica is delighted to be part of this future with a partnership with Halal Universe, the first media portal of its kind. Current Malaysian standards in the region are not acceptable outside the region, so we also hope this partnership will help harmonize Shariah standards."

Ethica Institute offers the 22-module Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE) and three Advanced CIFEs; an ACIFE Accounting, ACIFE Financial Analysis, and ACIFE Takaful.

Halal Universe is part of Al Jannah Group Pte Ltd. a diversified media and events company incorporated in Singapore with a mission to deepen interest in Shariah-compliant and ethical investments. Halal Universe is also the organizer of the IFAM (Islamic Funds and Asset Management) conference.


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