Congratulating Ethica's CIFE Scholarship Winners

Congratulating Ethica’s CIFE Scholarship Winners

At Ethica, we believe that a world free of interest first begins with a world full of knowledge. That is why we opened up full scholarships to a select group of scholars for our award-winning Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE™) program.

The following 10 winners were selected from over 200 applicants by Ethica’s Shariah Board and Management on the basis of their qualifications, demonstrated interest in engaging with their communities, and potential impact for positive change in the world after their CIFE certification.

Join us in congratulating our Winners, Runners Up, and Honorable Mentions (listed alphabetically by first name):


Mufti Ariful Islam — Bangladesh
Presently Deputy Mufti at the Department of Fiqh and Islamic Law in Jami’ah Shari’yyah Malibag, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and a trainer and consultant at Islamic Finance Academy and Consultancy, Mufti Ariful would like to create a team of Shariah scholars to serve humanity.

Ustadha Ayesha Desai — United Kingdom
A graduate of the Alimiyyah (Dars Nizami) course from Madrasah Imam Muḥammad Zakariyyah, Preston, Ustadha Ayesha is presently an education director developing the Alimiyyah course for a new generation of scholars. She aims to use her Islamic finance knowledge to better serve the needs of her students and promote awareness in her local community.

Mufti Azeem Abdullah — Pakistan
An MBA and PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance, Mufti Azeem teaches Islamic Jurisprudence and Arabic at an Islamic seminary. Mufti Azeem now aims to combine his traditional and modern academic experiences to gain practical experience in the field commencing with the product knowledge gained from Ethica’s CIFE.

Ustadh Azhar Pathan — South Africa
Ustadh Azhar currently teaches Islamic law, hadith, and Arabic at Dar al-Ulum al-Arabiyyah al-Islamiyyaht in South Africa, where he completed his Islamic studies. His long term ambition is to return to his native Canada and serve the Muslim community there.

Mufti Faisal Pandor — South Africa
As a scholar and teacher at Madrasah Inaami’yah Camperdown, South Africa, Mufti Faisal comes across students from over 40 countries, putting him in the fortunate position of reaching a broad and diverse global audience of future scholars.

Mufti Haroon Anis — India, Egypt, and United Kingdom
After completing the traditional Alimiyyah course at Darul Uloom in the United Kingdom, and a Takhassus in Hadith at Mazahir Uloom in India, Mufti Haroon went on to pursue Usul al-Din studies at al-Azhar University in Cairo, where he is presently. He is also a visiting imam in London where he regularly answers questions on commercial law.

Imam Muddasser Dhedhy — Australia
An active member of the Board of Imams Victoria, Imam Muddasser aims to join the newly forming Australian Fatwa Council as well as Hejaz Financial Services, to support the Australian Muslim community in seeking interest-free financial alternatives.

Ustadh Muhammad Faeq — Pakistan
An award-winning scholar from the Dars-e-Nizami program at the renowned Jamia Darul-Uloom in Karachi, Pakistan, Muhammad is presently on course to becoming a Mufti with a specialization in Islamic jurisprudence, with an ambition to entering the Islamic finance industry.

Dr. Qaisar Bilal — Pakistan
Combining traditional Islamic knowledge from his Alimiyya program under Mufti Taqi Usmani’s supervision in Darul Uloom, Karachi, and commercial knowledge from his PhD in Islamic Finance and MBA in Finance, Dr. Qaisar plans to engage institutions of higher learning with courses on contemporary issues in commercial law.

Mufti Ubaid ur Rahman Zubairi — Pakistan
A Director at Alhamd Shariah Advisory Services, a registered Shariah Advisor at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and a member of Darul Ifta Jamia Ashraful Madaris, where he has issued over 400 formal legal opinions, Mufti Ubaid’s life ambition is to promote finance free of interest.


Adewumi Ibrahim Adeyemi
Ali Imran
Badmus AbdulQaadir bin Yuunus
Djaabir Mogalia
Mohammad Muhibbul Islam Masud
Muhammad Omer Rafique
Muwahheed Billah
Safwaan Ibrahim
Umer Ansari


Abdullah Al Masud
Abdullateef Abdulqadir Maikabara
Adeniran Ishaq
Ahmad Sharrif
Ahmed Jibrel Yeha
Akeem Odeduntan
Aslam Aslae
Ayojimi Salam
Dauda Maccido
Fardil Bhugaloo
Fathin Afifah
Fuad Alhadi
Glenn Wekony
Hadi Quraishi
Haron Bin Masagoes Hassan
Husayn Muhammad
Ismail Ayinde
Jazeel Abdul Wahid
Khalid Benniran
Mahabub Rashed Khan Majlis
Mamode Raffick Nabee Mohomed
Mohamad Bazly Fakhri Bakri
Mohamed Irshad
Mohammad Farooq
Mujahed Sarsur
Musa Yusuf
Noureddine Mahamoud Mohamed
Qasim Mohammed
Razaq Aderibigbe
Ridwan Migdad
Ridwan Sanusi
Rossini Almonte
Semiu Abiona Alawiye
Shabir Allybokus
Shabir Moosa
Shehzad Hussain Makhani
Steven L. Heeley
Suraj Olanrewaju
Syed Riyazuddin
Tawfique Al-Mubarak
Zainab Usman


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