Before Getting Certified...

You Need to Ask Yourself 7 Questions

You Need to Ask Yourself 7 Questions Before You Choose Your Islamic Finance Certificate

CIFE Certificate
  1. Is the certificate recognized? Ethica's CIFE™ is accredited by leading Islamic finance scholars and bankers. Ethica recently won the award for "Best Islamic Finance Qualification" from Global Islamic Finance Awards in the UK; "Best Research and Education Company" presented by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai at the Global Islamic Economy Summit; "Education Leadership Award" at the Asian Leadership Awards; and 4 years running, Ethica received the award nomination for "Best Islamic Finance Training Institution" from Islamic Business and Finance magazine in Dubai. We were also recently shortlisted as finalists for "Business Innovation of the Year," "Online Business of the Year," and "Customer Focus of the Year" categories by the Gulf Capital SMEInfo Awards in Dubai.

  2. Is the certificate standardized? Ethica's CIFE™ is third-party certified to conform to AAOIFI, the industry's most widely-accepted standard. Read Ethica's article, "Fiqh or Fiction," on the need for standardized, AAOIFI-compliant training below.

  3. Is the certificate up-to-date? Workbooks, CDs, and distance-learning courses grow old fast. Can you really be sure that your 3-year old workbook or last year's CD is up-to-date? With Ethica's CIFE™, when Islamic finance innovates, our online content innovates right there with it. So you can be sure that you're never left behind.

  4. Is the certificate prepared by professors or bankers? Ethica's CIFE™ is rigorously prepared by a team of bankers and scholars, not professors. Ethica delivers practical, usable knowledge and is the fastest way to learn Islamic finance guaranteed.

  5. What happens after certification? At other institutes you may never have spoken to the management 1-on-1. Or received counseling. Or shared your concerns. Ethica's Career Advancement Package helps your Islamic finance career with personalized referrals, 1-on-1 job coaching, recommendation letters, and a CV review.

  6. Can we afford your certificate? Our individual, group and corporate rates are designed to rapidly and cost-effectively train and certify users in less than 4 months at competitive rates.

  7. Where is the institute based? According to Forbes Magazine, "Dubai holds the title of Islamic finance hub." Anywhere else may be a compromise. Islamic finance trainers need to be where the action is. It is one thing to read about deals sitting far away, and quite another to be working with bankers and scholars who execute transactions for a living.

Fiqh Or Fiction: Why Islamic Finance Needs Standardized Training

Fiqh or Fiction Why Islamic Finance needs standardized trainingA Fatwa, or expert legal opinion of one or more Islamic scholars, is the highest level of accreditation granted to a transaction, product, or institution in Islamic finance. Islamic banks esteem Fatwas. And Islamic banking customers esteem Fatwas. Yet Islamic finance training programmes continue to turn to academic and professional bodies for Shari'ah accreditation. Why? [Download full article here]

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