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Oman’s Maisarah Islamic Banking Services Partners with Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance

Dubai, UAE – March 25, 2014: BankDhofar’s Islamic banking window Maisarah Islamic Banking Services partners with Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance for training and certification. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Enters Saudi Arabian Islamic Finance Market

Dubai, UAE – Feb 18, 2014: The world’s largest Islamic finance market gains potential with the partnership of Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance and the International Society for Trainers and Developers. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Comments on What the ‘Islamic Economy’ Means for Islamic Finance

Dubai, UAE – Feb 4, 2014: What does the rise of the global Islamic economy mean for Islamic finance? Ethica comments. [ read more.. ]

UAE Bank Hires Ethica for Islamic Finance Training

Dubai, UAE – Jan 28, 2014: Ethica helps launch Islamic banking operations at one of the UAE’s largest banks. [ read more.. ]

Thomson Reuters Report Features Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance

Dubai, UAE – Jan 13, 2014: Thomson Reuters is proud to present the first State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2013. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Discusses Islamic Finance for Entrepreneurs

Dubai, UAE – Jan 7, 2014: We've been receiving a lot of questions from budding Islamic finance entrepreneurs lately. Here are some... [ read more.. ]

Ethica at Dubai’s Islamic Finance Roundtable: How to Train 10,000 Bankers in 4 Months

Dubai, UAE – Dec 18, 2013: Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance joins Dubai’s leaders to discuss how to transform the city into the Capital of the Islamic Economy within 3 years, the stated goal of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, PM of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. [ read more.. ]

Islamic Finance Report Cites Importance of Shariah Standards in Education

Dubai, UAE – Dec 10, 2013: Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance, the Dubai-based global leader in Islamic finance certification believes that the options in Islamic finance education are only as good as their adherence to third-party standards. [ read more.. ]

Dubai Leaders Award Ethica the "Islamic Economy Award for Research and Education"

Dubai, UAE - Dec 3, 2013: Ethica receives award from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. [ read more.. ]

Islamic Finance Videos Shorten the Learning Curve

Dubai, UAE – Nov 19, 2013: "How do I learn about sukuks in-depth without attending a 3 day training workshop?" asks one banker. Read a book, might have been one response. But now, with short e-learning videos fast becoming the norm among corporate trainers, Islamic finance is ready to offer practical product training in accelerated, bite sized, 20 minute videos. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Announces the Winner for its "Weekend in Dubai" Competition

Dubai, UAE - October 22, 2013: Fahad Tariq from Toronto scored the highest mark (91%) on the Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE) examination to win Ethica's "Weekend in Dubai" competition. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Wins Education Leadership Award

Dubai, UAE - September 25, 2013: The Asian Leadership Awards committee today announced that it awards Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance the “Education Leadership Award.” The Asian Leadership Awards are a non-profit body whose criteria for selecting Ethica ranged from general market perception to specific feedback from professionals and students from around the world. [ read more.. ]

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Hires Ethica for Islamic Finance Training

Dubai, UAE - Sep 15, 2013: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, one of the world's largest Islamic financial institutions, today announced hiring Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance, the leader in Islamic finance training and certification, to deliver its online Islamic finance training certificate (CIFE) to its senior leaders and their deputies. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Launches Master Class Series to Teach AAOIFI's Islamic Finance Standards

Dubai, UAE - August 18, 2013: Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance in Dubai, the certification and career advancement institute, announces the launch of an online master class series to teach AAOIFI's Islamic finance standards. The series is limited to only 30 seats. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Retains Leading Islamic Finance Scholar

Dubai, UAE - June 25, 2013: One of South Africa's leading Islamic finance scholars, Mufti Ismail Ebrahim Desai, joins Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance in Dubai as a Shariah Advisor. He is involved with approving Ethica's Islamic finance training and certification, advising clients, and guiding professionals interested in finding Islamic banking jobs. [ read more.. ]

How Sophie Paine's Desire for Change Brought Her to Ethica's CIFE

Dubai, UAE - June 18, 2013: After working for many years in financial roles in international companies, I decided to take a break from the work and commute whirl to think of how I could impact my community in a more meaningful way. In Hong Kong, migrants come to this city from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka pushed by economic reasons and one goal: to offer their families a better future. But they take huge loans to pay for the trip and once here many of them see their dreams of a better life, a house back home, a small business, studies for their children or siblings - soon swallowed by debt, interest, and despair. [ read more.. ]

Islamic Finance Graduates Get a Shot at Jobs in Dubai

Dubai, UAE - June 4, 2013: Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance in Dubai gives graduates of its award-winning Certified Islamic Finance Executive Program (CIFE) a shot at an all expenses paid trip to Dubai, meetings with Islamic finance scholars, bankers, and experts, and one-on-one coaching and referrals to jobs around the world. [ read more.. ]

Pennant Technologies Signs Ethica for Islamic Finance Certification

Dubai, UAE - May 22, 2013: The Islamic finance industry has unique IT requirements that require technology professionals to have some understanding of the processes around which Islamic finance products are based. Pennant Technologies, the financial IT specialist, today announced that it has signed on Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance in Dubai to train and certify its professionals in the core Islamic banking products. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Chosen as Knowledge Partner by Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE)

Dubai, UAE - May 7, 2013: Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud, Executive Director at MILE, said, "We are very excited to partner with Ethica. They bring an unparalleled combination of global reach, executive excellence, and authentic standardization that makes them the obvious choice as MILE's Knowledge Partner. [ read more.. ]

What Ahmed Did With Ethica's CIFE

Dubai, UAE - April 3, 2013: A few years ago, I had somewhat of an internal crisis. Life was going well, I was earning a good salary, had a stable family life, and was in good health. However, having spent some time with the scholars of Islam, I started to question the ethics of the banking industry I was working in. My predicament was further fuelled by the ensuing credit crisis and the unraveling of the financial markets, previously understood to be sound and stable. It was at this time that I started to look into Islamic finance and reading about its aims and objectives. [ read more.. ]

Islamic Finance Entrepreneurs: The Coming of the Next Islamic Finance Professional

Dubai, UAE - April 3, 2013: With hiring at an all time low, and an overall sense that banks are not the place where the bigger problems of humanity get solved, a new kind of professional is quietly emerging: the Islamic finance entrepreneur. [ read more.. ]

Islamic Finance Education at Business Schools in India

Dubai, UAE - March 26, 2013: As part of its commitment to build Islamic finance awareness in India, Infinity launched a campus-talk initiative titled "Opportunities in Islamic Banking and Finance." Saif Ahmed, Managing Partner at Infinity and a former Islamic banker and Wall Street investment banker delivered talks at some of the leading business schools across the country. [ read more.. ]

Islamic Finance Gets Personal

Dubai, UAE - March 19, 2013: Ethica in Dubai is betting that people want real, live introductions and real, live conversations with other professionals. The Islamic finance certifier attracts more professionals than any other Islamic finance institute in the world and now sees benefit in going, as they put it, "beyond certification." The idea is to introduce professionals to other professionals who are either Ethica alumni or part of Ethica's contact network. [ read more.. ]

Can Global Banking Giants Learn Islamic Finance?

Dubai, UAE - March 5, 2013: Renewed focus on interest-free finance sees one of the world's banking giants hire Ethica to deliver Islamic finance e-learning to thousands of its bankers. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Interviews Akhuwat, the World's First Completely Interest-Free Microfinance Program

Dubai, UAE - Feb 19, 2013: Since starting a decade ago with a simple $100 loan, Akhuwat has dispersed $30 million to over 1 million people - completely free of interest. Ethica sat down with the inspiring Dr. Muhammad Amjad Saqib to learn more about his amazing story. The success of Akhuwat offers hope to a new generation of budding Islamic finance entrepreneurs seeking to replicate their microfinance model. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Signs Deal to Deliver Islamic Finance Certification in Morocco

Dubai, UAE - Feb 5, 2013: Morocco is turning out to be one of the most exciting markets to watch in Islamic banking. With more than half the population already using banks or willing to switch to an Islamic option, and with 94% recently surveyed "in support" of Islamic banking, Morocco's Islamic banking sector is set to take off. To serve this growth market, Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance in Dubai has just signed an exclusivity agreement with Alar Conseil. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Expands with Islamic Finance Certification in Nigeria

Dubai, UAE - Jan 15, 2013: It started off with an ATM machine. Nigerians were finding out about Ethica's Islamic finance training and certification on bank teller machines in urban centers around Nigeria, completely unbeknownst to the Dubai-based institute. When Ethica learned about the free advertising, they were pleasantly surprised and more than a little encouraged by the dynamism and excitement of those trying to bring Islamic finance to Nigeria. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Launches First 100% Online Islamic Accounting Certificate

Dubai, UAE - Dec 10, 2012: The world's most heavily-enrolled Islamic finance certifier today launched their much-awaited accounting certificate. Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance opens the doors to the ACIFE in Islamic Accounting, the first 100% online, AAOIFI-compliant accounting certificate in Islamic finance. The 4-month, 100% online Advanced Certified Islamic Finance Executive in Islamic Accounting covers all the major accounting concepts in 9 convenient modules. Students also access recordings of live sessions with an accounting expert who personally audited over 1,000 Islamic finance transactions. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Launches 700 Page Islamic Finance E-Book for Professionals

Dubai, UAE - Nov 13, 2012: The Islamic finance industry's leading certification institute, Ethica, today launched what may soon become the desktop reference of choice for the Islamic finance professional: a 700 page e-book packed with practical, usable information. Everything from sample Islamic finance contracts, over 1,000+ scholar-approved Q&As, the entire "Meezan Bank Guide to Islamic Banking," study notes to Ethica's award-winning Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE) program, and much more. All organized with an easy-to-use subject index at the end. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Shortlisted as Finalist in 3 Categories at SMEinfo Awards

Dubai, UAE - Oct 8, 2012: These top performing SMEs have been shortlisted out of hundreds of entrants in the first Gulf Capital SMEinfo Awards, a recognition programme that seeks to honour the top performing enterprises. [ read more.. ]

Taking Islamic Finance Education to the Masses

Dubai, UAE - July 23, 2012: Once the reserve of expensive training events, Islamic finance education is now about to become accessible to the common man. Ethica announced today that it is making the study notes for its award-winning Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE) program freely available to the public as an e-book. [ read more.. ]

Shaykh Yusuf Talal Delorenzo Endorses Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance

Dubai, UAE - July 2, 2012: AAOIFI Board Member Shaykh Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo, one of the world's leading Islamic finance scholars, endorsed Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance. Ethica is the most heavily enrolled Islamic finance training and certification institute in the world with over 20,000 paying users in 44 countries. Shaykh Yusuf joins Mufti Zubair Usmani and Sheikh Ashraf Muneeb, both leading scholars, in acting as an advisor to Ethica. This announcement further highlights the Islamic finance industry's move towards greater standardization. [ read more.. ]

Global Islamic Finance Standards Come to Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and New Zealand

Dubai, UAE - June 11, 2012: It takes 7 hours to fly from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur; 6 more to Sydney. And then there's the trip back. Throw in airports, jet lag, and delays, and it is no wonder that a short business trip to South East Asia from most parts of the world feels like it takes a week. In a world of Skype and streamed video, air travel just does not have the same appeal anymore. As a result, while 90% of the countries offering Islamic finance now follow one set of standards, namely AAOIFI's, South East Asia has been left behind with its own set of standards. This is about to change. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Brings Global Islamic Finance Certification to Bangladesh

Dubai, UAE - May 7, 2012: With three times the population of all the Gulf countries combined, Bangladesh is the sleeping giant of the Islamic finance world. A burgeoning urban middle class, an active microfinance sector, and strong support from regulators gives Islamic finance an historic opportunity to shine in this country. And with only an estimated 14,000 bankers currently serving the Islamic finance sector, the demand for a locally-available, globally-recognized certification is now at its highest. [ read more.. ]

Islamic Finance Training Gets Major Boost: Ethica Launches Subsidized Pricing for Developing Countries

Dubai, UAE - April 9, 2012: The world's most heavily-enrolled Islamic finance certification program became a little bit more accessible to the world today. Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance, now training over 20,000 bankers and students in 44 countries, lowered prices by nearly 50% for all residents of developing countries. [ read more.. ]

Bringing Islamic Finance to Africa: How one Training Company Does it

Dubai, UAE - March 6, 2012: How do you bring training in interest-free finance to a vast continent historically crippled by interest-based lending? Ethica Institute of Dubai may have solved the problem. What makes Ethica quite different from other training institutes is its readiness to go on the ground in Africa. Ethica has licensed resellers in North Africa and West Africa and has delivered face-to-face sessions to African bankers in both Africa and the Middle East. [ read more.. ]

Islamic Finance Training Comes to India: Ethica Grants Country Exclusivity License to Indian Partner

Dubai, UAE - February 7, 2012: Today Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance, the most heavily enrolled Islamic finance training and certification institute in the world with over 20,000 paying users, announced that it has granted Infinity Consultants, an India-based advisory firm, rights to exclusively market and sell Ethica training across India. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Wins "Best Islamic Finance Qualification" Award

DUBAI, UAE - December 19, 2011: Awards were presented at the Oman Islamic Economic Forum bringing together leaders from around the globe, including keynote speaker Tun Abdullah Badawi, former Prime Minister of Malaysia. Global Islamic Finance Award's Humayon Dar said, "Ethica stands out as the clear favorite for the award of 'Best Islamic Finance Qualification' because only Ethica combines a globally recognized qualification with e-learning technology designed to train thousands of bankers and students in just months." [ read more.. ]

2011 Roundup - Ethica Leads in Islamic Finance Certification With Over 20,000 Paying Users

DUBAI, UAE - November 12, 2011: With users from 43 countries and over 100 banks and universities, in 2011 Ethica became the default choice for accredited training and certification in Islamic finance. In a tight job market, more bankers and students now choose Ethica to boost their credentials than any other Islamic finance program in the world. That's the latest finding as 2011 enrollment figures roll in and catapult the Dubai-based institute ahead of older institutions like INCEIF, CIMA, BIBF, and IIBI. [ read more.. ]

Government of Dubai Joins Hands With Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance

DUBAI, UAE - October 3, 2011: The Government of Dubai today announced that it is partnering with e-learning and certification specialist Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance. Ethica is the leading Islamic finance training institute in the world, with over 20,000 paid users in more than 40 countries and 100 institutions in 2011, more than any other Islamic finance institute in the industry. The announcement further strengthens Dubai's position as the world's premier Islamic finance hub, and with Ethica's leadership in online training, Dubai goes truly global. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Trains 100 American Imams in Islamic Finance

Dubai, UAE - July 18, 2011: What does it take to bring 7 million American Muslims Islamic finance? Maybe training only 100 prominent religious leaders as a small first step. That is what the founding members of the American Islamic Finance (AIF) Project have now successfully accomplished. Jointly founded by Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance, Guidance Financial, and the Islamic Society of North America, the AIF Project seeks to promote standards-based Islamic finance among Muslim communities in North America. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Launches the World's Largest Database of Islamic Finance Q&A's

DUBAI, UAE - June 15, 2011: The most popular Islamic finance training website today announced the launch of a freely accessible database of Islamic finance Q&A's. With over 800 scholar-approved answers to commonly asked technical questions, Ethica's Islamic finance Q&A database is now the world's largest inventory available online. [ read more.. ]

Dubai Eye FM103.8 Interview's Ethica

DUBAI, UAE - May 23, 2011: Dubai's leading business news radio program interviews Ethica about Islamic finance, the need for training and the importance of standards. [ read more.. ]

Guidance Introduces Landmark Islamic Finance Training for American Imams

RESTON, VA - April 25, 2011: Guidance Residential ("Guidance"), announced today the formation of the American Islamic Finance Project ("AIF") which is a collaborative effort between the Islamic Society of North America ("ISNA"), Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance ("Ethica") and Guidance to provide the first-ever Islamic finance training to over 100 American imams. [ read more.. ]

Government of Dubai Invites Ethica to European Trade Delegation

DUBAI, UAE - April 4, 2011: Europe move one step closer to Islamic finance today when the Government of Dubai announced that it is inviting Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance on a high-level trade delegation to France and Germany. With over 20,000 paid users in over 40 countries, Ethica is the leading Islamic finance training institute in the world. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Receives Award Nomination for "Best Islamic Finance Qualification"

LONDON, UK - March 14, 2011: Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) in the UK nominated Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance for the award of "Best Islamic Finance Qualification." [ read more.. ]

Zawya and Ethica Launch Advanced Certification in Islamic Finance (ACIF)

DUBAI, UAE - February 28, 2011: Zawya, the Middle East's leading business news provider, and Ethica, the world's leading Islamic finance training and certification institute team up to launch the industries most advanced certification in Islamic finance capital markets. [ read more.. ]

Islamic Finance Heads Down Under: Australia Launches its First Islamic Finance E-Learning Program

DUBAI, UAE - December 6, 2010: Today the leader in Islamic finance training and certification, Ethica, announced the launch of a new Islamic finance for-credit course at one of Australia's leading universities. This will be the first time ever that a 100% online course in Islamic finance is offered as part of an on-campus course. Enrolment for the award-winning Master of Islamic Banking and Finance (MIBF) program is now open and online classes begin next month on January 10, 2011. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Institute Makes History at Mashreq Bank: Delivers First Bank-Wide Islamic Finance E-Learning

DUBAI, UAE - November 2, 2010: Islamic finance just got one step closer to addressing its biggest problem: a lack of qualified bankers and scholars. Today, the UAE's largest private bank, Mashreq Bank, rolled out the first ever bank-wide Islamic finance e-learning solution at its Islamic banking division, Mashreq Al Islami. Hiring Ethica, the Islamic finance e-learning institute, brings Mashreq 100% online Islamic finance training and certification across their entire network of branches. [ read more.. ]

Ethica and Zawya Announce Partnership

DUBAI, UAE - September 21, 2010: Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance and Zawya today announced a partnership to jointly deliver online Islamic banking courses and certification. Ethica Institute's certification is chosen by more professionals and students than any other Islamic finance certificate in the world, and Zawya is widely regarded as the leading provider of business and investment intelligence in the Middle East. [ read more.. ]

Ethica Institute at G20 Islamic Finance Summit: Promoting Education

DUBAI, UAE - June 28, 2010: The G20 Islamic Finance Summit recently brought together Islamic finance experts from around the world to discuss the changing role of the industry amid the continuing global financial crisis. The summit was held on June 28 at Ryerson University's Ted Rogers School of Business and was opened by Derek Lee MP, federal member of the Canadian parliament. [ read more.. ]

Edcomm Banker's Academy and Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance Announce Partnership

DUBAI, UAE - June 15, 2010: The Edcomm Group Banker's Academy and Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance today announced a partnership to work together to enhance the training programs they offer to the Islamic Finance community to provide the best possible solution to their clients worldwide. [ read more.. ]


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