Change the world

Have you ever wanted to change the world? Have you ever wanted to figure out the one thing that could change the world more than anything else?

We looked at the poverty, the wars, the climate change, and asked ourselves, ‘What is the root cause – not the many symptoms – but the deep, root cause behind all this?’ We spoke to the poor and the rich. The practitioner and the professor. Scholar and layman.

And slowly, the truth emerged…

If we did not have interest, we would not need endless growth. And if we did not need endless growth, we would not have most of the debt-induced poverty, resource-hungry wars, and runaway climate change we now see. All interest – whether simple interest or compound interest, whether at very low rates or very high rates – grows so fast that we simply cannot keep up. Interest is a cancer that grows faster than anything else. Faster than economies, faster than trees, faster than humans.

Which is why we believe that interest is the root cause of most of the world’s problems.

An example. Brazil is home to the beautiful Amazon rainforest. This lush wonder supplies us with a quarter of the world’s oxygen. Unfortunately, this forest will vanish in our lifetimes. Why? So Brazil can pay off $200 billion of debt. How? With lumber.

Or an example closer to home. Are you or someone you know crushed under growing personal debt? Millions of families around the world now spend more than they earn.

We believe there is a connection between interest and suffering. And we believe that ethical finance helps solve many problems.

It’s time to openly question the interest-based paradigm and promote interest-free finance as the proven alternative.

How can we live in a world without interest? Rather, how can we live in a world with interest?

Courtesy of: The Money Project

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