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How To Get Your Next Job In Islamic Finance

Join Ethica's Live Webinar with Shane Phillips, MENA Regional Practice Leader, executive search expert and coach for the financial sector. Shane will take you through his "Job Search System Which Never Fails," that has helped countless executives land a job in 90 days or less.

In this 90 minute webinar followed by Q&A, you:

Learn the essence of a winning resume in less than 2 mins: Shane reviews over 1,000 CVs every year and most are poorly done. He summarizes what makes a great CV. His simple formula takes less than 2 minutes to learn and gives you an immediate take away.

Penetrating your target company: How to get a meeting with the top brass, getting past the gate keeper and into the corner office. A quintessential part of the "Job Search System Which Never Fails."

Don't be the dog who caught the car!: You got an interview or a meeting. Now what? How to manage your first meeting effectively and, yes, you do have to do more than just show up! How to excel in any interview; learn how to position yourself for the win. It is not the best candidate who gets the job, but the best convincer. Learn professional approaches to fine tune your personal presentation to create impact with top CEOs and C-suite executives.

Post interview strategies: How to follow up with senior executives; the value added approach. Learn how to nurture a relationship after the initial meeting.

Negotiating your salary: You passed the interview, did the follow up, and now they make you an offer. How do you ensure you get what you're worth? Learn the basics of salary negotiation and wining tactics from the pros.

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