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Once you are ready, take the CIFE™ examination - 100% online

Beautifully-designed by classically-trained Islamic artists,
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Career Advancement Package

Ethica's Career Advancement Package helps boost your Islamic finance career with:

  • Personalized referrals to 3 institutions of your choice (based on your requirements and the institution's needs)
  • Recommendation letters
  • 1-on-1 career counseling
  • Job interview coaching
  • CV review

Ethica's CIFE™: The Most Rigorous Accreditation Process In Islamic Finance

Rigorously tested and approved by leading Islamic finance bankers and scholars, Ethica's CIFE™ goes through 7 exhaustive levels of checking:

Seven Steps

Final scholar review and accreditation conducted at completion stage.*

Published for final review by Ethica Institute's Editorial Team.

Raw content edited by Ethica Institute's Editorial Team.

Training content created by a leading scholar or banker deeply familiar with the latest AAOIFI Shariah Standards.

Edited content finalized by Ethica Institute's Shariah Team.

Final review conducted by Ethica Institute's Shariah Team.

Published for user testing.

* Like banks, we rely on bankers and scholars, not academics and institutes, for high-level Islamic finance accreditation.
Shouldn't you? Read Ethica's article, "Fiqh or Fiction," on the need for standardized, AAOIFI-compliant training here.

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