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Takaful is used in just about every Islamic financial transaction. How well do you know it?

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Financial Analysis

Learn to perform the most commonly used Islamic financial calculations in the industry.

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AAOIFI’s accounting standards distilled into an accelerated certificate.

More than 13,000+ individuals from 100+ countries have taken Ethica's "7 Day Free Course." This is not a watered-down version of our curriculum. It is the real thing. In the next 7 days you will get more Islamic finance training than most bankers. Period.

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Why Islamic Finance? (PLAY VIDEO NOW)

Why Islamic FinanceWhat makes Islamic finance different from conventional finance? And what makes it better? We look at 3 real-world examples and find out. We also introduce you to the 4 principles that guide Islamic finance transactions.

In Your Interest (PDF)

Islamic banking in your interestIs Islamic banking a viable alternative to interest-based conventional banking? Is it really any different from conventional finance? Does it offer a better way forward? In this article we explore these and other questions facing the next generation of Islamic bankers.

Understanding Ijarah 1 - Islamic Leasing (VIDEO)

Understanding Ijarah 1 - Islamic LeasingWhat's an Islamic lease? This module helps you find out. We introduce the Islamic lease and look at pre-requisites for its execution, legal title, possession, maintenance, earnest money, default, and insurance. We begin answering the question "How does an Ijarah work?" with step-by-step practical explanations.

Understanding Ijarah 2 - Islamic Leasing (VIDEO)

Understanding Ijarah 2 - Islamic LeasingYou learn the rights and obligations of the lessor and the lessee and focus on defective assets, sub-leases, extensions and renewals, transfer of ownership, and termination. You’ll also take a self-assessment quiz.

How to Calculate an Ijarah Schedule 1 (ADVANCED VIDEO)

How to Calculate an Ijarah Schedule 1 (Advanced)How do Islamic banks calculate leases? In these two modules you find out. We hold your hand through calculations, tables, and formulas and show you how to calculate rent, IRR, and profit. It's all here.

How to Calculate an Ijarah Schedule 2 (ADVANCED VIDEO)

How to Calculate an Ijarah Schedule 2 (Advanced)You continue learning about Islamic leases with practical information about depreciation and floating-rate profits. We wrap it up with a look at what happens when things go wrong: defaults, late deliveries, early termination, asset defects, and negligence. Test your understanding with a self-assessment quiz at the end.

Riba & Mortgages — 20 Commonly Asked Questions (PDF)

Riba and Mortgages - 20 Commonly Asked QuestionsEthica’s most popular article. A bank paid to distribute this article once upon a time…now it’s all yours completely free! 20 of the most commonly asked questions about usury and conventional home mortgages in a nicely formatted, ready-to-go PDF.

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