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Thanks to support from people like you Ethica is trusted by more professionals for Islamic finance certification.

The good news on financial aid: we don't turn anyone away. We empathize with your financial aid requirement and will do everything in our power to get you trained and CIFE™ certified this year.

If you are a student who is currently enrolled in a full time university program you can avail Ethica's Financial Aid, where you only pay 50% of the standard course fee ($1,495). Ethica funds $748 and you pay $748.

Only approved individuals will be selected. In order to get on the priority list, please email us the following documents:

  1. Latest university transcript or
  2. A valid identity card or
  3. Latest university fee payment receipt

If you have already emailed us at least one of these documents, you will be contacted in the coming days by Ethica's selection committee.

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