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Hello Ethica Institute,

I have recently downloaded your handbook of Islamic Finance and I have just begun to read it and I am so pleased that my eyes have had the chance to read some of the words within it.

I have for many decades been part of the Western finance system and over the years I have become more and more aware of the greed and corruption that exists within the said system. For many years I have thought of the damage this greed and corruption has done to the lives of millions of innocent people, now I have started to educate myself on the fundamentals of Islamic finance and am quite excited to one day become part of the Islamic finance system that places the good of many above the greed and self interests of a few as Western finance has proven to do.

I firmly believe that if the Western banking system had been operating under the ethical guidelines of Islamic finance, then there would never have been a global financial crisis.

I am not a religious person, but I strongly believe in ethical outcomes, as my dear and now departed uncle Bert said to me not long before he died — "Whatever you do in life William — just do good, just do good." I believe I have now discovered a path that would have made my uncle Bert proud.

Once again, thank you for allowing me to read the Ethica handbook.

William Lancaster
Melbourne, Australia

"Ethica's Handbook of Islamic Finance" is the industry's first practical, user's guide for implementing change. It may also be the only e-book in Islamic finance with a detailed and expansive subject index for your convenience. An indispensable desktop reference for practitioners and students alike, this book puts everything you need in one place.


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